Maps - Exploring

In this section, we are going to explore all tools provided on the Map View page. From the list of available maps, you can select the map you are interested in and click View map, The map view will look like this.

The Map Viewer (based on MapStore) provides the following tools:

  • the Table of Contents (TOC) to manage the map contents;

  • the Search Bar to search by location, name and coordinates (see the paragraph below);
  • the Sidebar and its tools such as the Zoom tools and the Get Features Info tool;
  • the Basemap Switcher to change the basemap (see the next paragraphs);
  • the Footer Tools to manage the scale of the map, to track the mouse coordinates and change the CRS (Coordinates Reference System).
  • the Other Menu Tools which contains the link to the Print tool, to the datasets Catalog and to the Measure tool;

Search Bar

The Search Bar of the map viewer allows you to find point of interests (POIs), streets or locations by name.
Lets type the name of somewhere  then select the first record.

The map will automatically re-centre on that area delimiting it by a polygon in the case of an area, by a line in the case of a linear shape (e.g. streets, streams) and by a marker in the case of a point.

Sidebar Tools

he Map Viewer makes also available the Sidebar. It is a navigation panel containing various tools that help you to explore the map such as tools for zooming, changing the extent and querying objects on the map.
By default the Sidebar shows you the zooming buttons and  , other options can be explored by clicking on  which expands/collapses the toolbar.

The Sidebar contains the following tools:

  • The Query Objects on map allows you to get feature information through the button. It allows you to retrieve information about the features of some datasets by clicking them directly on the map.

  • When clicking on map a new panel opens. That panel will show you all the information about the clicked features for each active loaded dataset.

You can Zoom To Max Extent by clicking

Basemap Switcher

By default, GeoNode allows to enrich maps with many world backgrounds. You can open available backgrounds by clicking on the map tile below:

  • OpenStreetMap

  • OpenTopoMap

  • Sentinel-2-cloudless

Footer Tools

At the bottom right hand side of the map, the Footer shows you the Scale of the map and allows you to change it.
The show/hide coordinates  button allows you to see the pointer Coordinates and to change the Coordinates Reference System (CRS), WGS 84 by default.