OGC Web Services

Accessing MapStand datasets in ArcGIS, QGIS and PowerBI using OGC Web Services


An active HUB Subscription and API access token. 

To locate your API access token, follow these instructions ....API Access Token


Using MapStand's OGC web services you can avoid the complexities of exporting and importing data. Simply add a new data collection in your GIS application (ArcGIS, QGIS, OpenLayers, Google Earth or any other app supporting standard services) and start using the data right away!

The following guide will help you setup different OGC services, understand the structure, show you how to run the requests in different environments and how it can be integrated with QGIS, ArcGIS and web applications.


WMS Request

[Reference: https://docs.geoserver.org/latest/en/user/services/wms/reference.html]

A Web Map Service (WMS) is a standard protocol developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium in 1999 for serving georeferenced map images over the Internet.  These images are typically produced by a map server from data provided by a GIS database

The MapStand WMS service conforms to the WMS standard.

Access to the service is via a custom server instance URL which will be provided to you upon subscribing. 

The base URL for the WMS service is:

https://hub.mapstand.com/gs/ows?VERSION=1.1.0&apikey=<your API Access Token>

(Use gs proxy for access to both Production and Development datasets)


https://hub.mapstand.com/geoserver/ows?VERSION=1.1.0&apikey=<your API Access Token>

(Use geoserver for access to only Production datasets)


Accessing datasets in ArcGIS via OGC WMS (using data interoperability connection)

Accessing datasets in ArcGIS Pro via OGC WMS 

Add the following to the URL field: https://hub.mapstand.com/geoserver/wms?

In Custom Request Parameters, add the apikey as the Parameter and add your own API access token in the value column (to locate your API access token, follow these instructions ....API Access Token)

Accessing datasets in QGIS via OGC WMS

Accessing datasets on QGIS via OGC web services

WFS Request

The MapStand WFS service conforms to the WFS standard.

It provides access to the geometric (vector) metadata about the available data collection tiles. As with the WMS service, WFS is also only available via a user-preconfigured custom server instance URL.

The base URL for the WFS service is:

https://hub.mapstand.com/gs/ows?VERSION=1.3.0&apikey=<your API Access Token>

The gs proxy server will return both production and development datasets.


https://hub.mapstand.com/geoserver/ows?VERSION=1.3.0&apikey=<your API Access Token>

Accessing the data using the geoserver url will give access to only the Production datasets

Note: Downloading datasets sometimes results in a 504 Gateway Time-out error - please take a look at this support article: 504 Gateway Error

WFS is not ideal for large datasets. We recommend the geoserver URL for the Production (mps) datasets and the gs URL with API access token for the Development datasets (phoenix).

Accessing datasets in QGIS via OGC WFS

Accessing datasets on QGIS via OGC web services

Accessing datasets in PowerBI 

In PowerBI, select the Get data icon > More ... then type Web into search bar and Select Web from the list, then click on Connect
Toggle on Advanced, then click on the Add Part button a few times to make it easier to construct the URL.  The URL should be constructed as follows::
&typename=<name of the dataset file> 
&apikey=<your API access token>
  • To find out the name of the dataset file, view the dataset on the HUB and click on Share.  For example the Borehole dataset = mps:mps_mapping_wellheader