Creating a dataset from scratch

How to create a dataset from scratch

An interesting tool that MapStand Hub makes available to you is the Create dataset. It allows you to create a new vector dataset from scratch. The Dataset Creation Form can be found via the Create dataset link shown in the picture below.

Create dataset link

In order to create the new Dataset you have to fill out the required fields:

  • Name

  • Title

  • Geometry type


    Geometry types

Usually the datasets features should have some Attributes that enrich the amount of information associated with each of them. Through the Add Attribute button you can add new attributes.

New Dataset creation from scratch

Once the form has been filled out, click on Create. You will be redirected to the Dataset Page (see Dataset Information). Now your Dataset is created but is still empty, no features have been added yet. See the Dataset Editing section to learn how to add new features.