Why is the legend not available for some layers in the Layers panel?

Layers with scale dependent visibility - legend not available

Certain layers have scale dependent visibility. This means that those layers will not be displayed, even if they are switched on, if the scale of the map is too large.

The legend or key is dynamic so will only show what is currently displayed. 

On the map below - even though they are switched on, the boreholes, accumulations and blocks are not displayed as the scale of the map is too large (scale bar = 2000km). If you try to view the legend, you will see the words "Legend is not available"




Layers with scale dependent visibility are:

  • Accumulations - zoom to scale bar=100km.
  • Blocks - zoom to scale bar = 100km
  • Boreholes - zoom to scale bar =50km.
  • Pipelines
  • Platforms
  • Installed Power Cables
  • Installed Power Connectors
  • Planned Power Connectors
  • Installed Refineries
  • Planned Refineries
  • Terminals
  • Installed Wind Turbines
  • Planned Wind Turbines
  • all other layers will be displayed at full extent of the map.