Quick demo of MapStand Platform

Here is a 3min introduction video to the MapStand Platform:

The Video Covers:

  1. Moving around the map and zoom
  2. Scrolling through the news panel
  3. Reading articles
  4. Clicking on highlighted tags mentioned in the article
  5. Clicking on a vessel mentioned in the article
  6. Clicking on a company and starting to explore their assets
  7. Turning on and off map layers (in this case vessels)
  8. Clicking through all the tabs that appear under company to see all their asset classes
  9. Going to a country view and filtering for currently drilling wells
  10. Using the search to find things - in this case, Tullow Oil.
  11. Viewing your user profile
  12. Clicking on items in the interactive profile
  13. Changing background maps

We are making constant improvements and your feedback is really important. We'll be posting key upgrades and upcoming features to the Community.