Dataset - Print and Measure Options


The MapStore based map viewer of GeoNode allows you to print the current view with a customizable layout.
Click the Print option from the Menu, the Printing Window will open.

The Print Window

From this window you can:

  • enter Title and Description;

  • choose the Resolution in dpi;

  • customize the Layout

    • the Sheet size (A3, A4);

    • if include the legend or not;

    • if to put the legend in a separate page;

    • the page Orientation (Landscape or Portrait);

  • customize the Legend

    • the Label Font;

    • the Font Size;

    • the Font Emphasis (bold, italic);

    • if Force Labels;

    • if use Anti Aliasing Font;

    • the Icon Size;

    • the Legend Resolution in dpi.

To print the view click on Print.


Click on the Measure option of the Menu to perform a measurement. As you can see in the picture below, this tool allows you to measure DistancesAreas and the Bearing of lines.


The Measure Tool