November 2021 Release

November 2021 Release - new datasets added

The MapStand team is thrilled to announce our biggest update to MapStand Community Platform since our launch in October 2019. We have added over 20 new layers covering renewable energy and energy transition, complementing our existing oil, gas and infrastructure datasets.

These new datasets include enhanced windfarm data, conventional and renewable power plants, power cable infrastructure, and more. This will give everyone - from individuals to international energy companies - access to valuable data across the energy sector.

Key datasets added to the MapStand Community Platform

Here are some of the renewable energy and energy transition datasets that we have added to the platform as part of the update.

> Power Cables

Our global database includes power cables, substations and power plants data. The database is maintained through our specialist aggregation of national and global datasets.

> Power Infrastructure

This specialist layer provides data on Energy Infrastructure including Substations, Cable Landing Stations and Connectors. With almost 500k global substations, this dataset supports easy screening and access to existing electricity transmission systems worldwide.

> Wind Farms

Our specialist wind farm layer contains information on wind turbines, wind farms and planned wind farms. The datasets show ownership and other key attributes such as the turbine model.

> Renewable Power Plants

This dataset gives information on global renewable power plants including biomass, geothermal, hydro, ocean (i.e tidal or wave), solar, storage and waste.


Check out the full range of new datasets!

More information about the 20+ new layers can be found here.

This latest upgrade sets MapStand as a world leader in integrated geospatial data provision for the energy industry.

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