MapStand Platform - Interface Guide

A quick guide to the MapStand Platform interface

  • Home button (Magic M)   - reset/return to the initial state of the application
  • News panel  - filter the interactive and geotagged news feed
  • Community panel  - find users who've made their profiles public
  • Layers panel - manage the list of data layers displayed on map
  • Scale Bar - indicative map scale
  • Basemaps   - select your preferred basemap
  • Search Bar  - search the database
  • Hamburger button - edit your account (including changing email address and password), access MapStand website, access the Support Portal and sign in/sign out
  • Profile panel   - build your public profile - add work and education projects geotagged to map objects
  • Info panel   -  the Info panel automatically lists map objects at particular location resulting from a click on the map or if something is typed into the search bar  - selecting an item from the list provides addition details about that map object- e.g. assets of companies or detailed country info.
  • Map Controls  - zoom in and out of the map
  • MapStand Support Bot - search knowledge base articles and request help from the Support Team