How do I view global licensing rounds and awards?

How to view global licensing rounds and awards

To view global licensing rounds :

1. Close the News panel by clicking on the News panel icon

2. Open the Layers panel by clicking on the Layers panel icon.


3. Scroll down the list of layers (or use the filter) and display the Licensing Round Status layer by toggling on the layer visibility icon


4. The licences/concessions and licence owners layers can be toggled off for clarity. Select the Zoom to layer extent icon to display all licensing rounds globally.


5. The licensing round layers will then be displayed on the map.  To display the layer legend click on the show legend icon (<). 

Tip: The green ones represent current/open licensing rounds.

6. To display the blocks offered with all licensing rounds, toggle on the Licensing Round Blocks layer.

7. To display the blocks offered/awarded in a particular round - zoom into the area you are interest in and click on the map.  The Info panel will appear.  Select the Licensing Round you are interested in from the Licensing Round list displayed.


8. The map then displays the Licensing Round selected - automatically toggling on license concession, license sub areas, license owners. The blocks highlighted in yellow are the license blocks awarded.

Tip: Toggle off license round status for clarity.

9. Select the LC tab in the Info panel to display the list of licenses awarded in that licensing round. Use the scrollbar to see all licences listed on each page.

Note: the licences listed in the Info window will change if you move or zoom into the map. Only those licences awarded within the map area will be listed.

Alternatively, click on the LA tab to display the partner information for each licence:

10.  To get more detailed information about a particular licence, click on a licence in the Info panel.  The map automatically zooms to that license displaying more detailed information in the Info panel. 

Tip: To go back to the previous map display to select a different license, use the browser back button.