How do I use MapStand?

How to use MapStand Community platform

To get an overview of current functionality, please take a look at the Getting Started Tutorial

MapStand is a ground-breaking online service featuring an interactive map to highlight global geo-tagged E&P activity, daily news and professional profiles.

Make sure you have signed-up  (How do I get access to MapStand?) and have logged in (How do I sign in to MapStand?) - otherwise you will only have access to the news feed and a map displaying license blocks.

Once you are logged in, you will have access to:

Sign up for free here and get access to MapStand's:

There are a whole host of interactive features on the MapStand platform, giving you what you need in an easy-to-interpret manner.

New discovery? License round announcement? Acquisitions and mergers? MapStand’s geo-tagged industry news shows you where it’s happening, what is nearby and who is involved. The complete story, in spatial context, so you need never miss an opportunity!

Today’s energy industry is built on human endeavour. Join the MapStand community and build your geo-tagged profile, placing your knowledge and experience on the map, linking projects, assets and infrastructure to the expertise behind them.