How do I contact MapStand Sales Team?

Contacting MapStand sales team

If you are interested in a corporate subscription, please request a demo or pricing information from our Sales Team on

With a corporate subscription you will have full access to over 40 layers covering Oil and Gas and Energy Transition, and also our development data covering CCUS and Hydrogen and CO2 Emissions.

Our MapStand HUB platform provides web based mapping and analysis tools that allow you to interrogate MapStand’s complete data catalogue, build analysis dashboards and create and share your own customized maps. 

The data can be downloaded or integrated directly into your own software and systems through direct streaming (WFS/WMS).

This gives you the advantage of reliable accurate open data without the headache of sourcing, collating and updating data from thousands of different sources worldwide, freeing valuable time to innovate and identify new opportunities..

For more information, please take a look at our website.