Dashboards - Overview

Dashboard Dashboard is a MapStore tool integrated in MapStand HUB that provides the user with a space to add many Widgets, such as charts, maps, tables, texts and counters, and can create connections between them in order to:

  • Provide an overview to better visualize a specific data context

  • Interact spatially and analytically with the data by creating connections between widgets

  • Perform analysis on involved data/layers

To build a new Dashboard click on the Add Resource button and choose option Create dashboard.

Create Dashboard option

The following empty dashboard will appear. This page is composed of a Sidebar and a Viewer:


The Sidebar allows the user to:

  • Add new widgets with the  button

  • See the connections between widgets with the  button, available when connections are present


Once the widgets are added to the viewer it is possible to:

  • Change widgets position by moving them with a simple Drag and Drop and resize them:
  • Access widgets menu
For TextTable and Counter widgets, the following menu appears:

For Charts, the menu is like the following:

In particular, the user can also:

  • Show chart data in tabular representation

  • Download data in .csv format

  • Export Image in .png format