Dataset - Download / Export

Downloading Datasets

At the top of the Dataset Menu there is an Export link . It provides access to the ability to extract geospatial data from within MapStand Hub.
You will be able to select from a list of options of the supported export file formats.
GeoJSON, GML (FeatureCollection), GML (WFS 1.1.0 FeatureCollection), CSV, Shapefile, GeoPackage and KML.

Downloading Datasets

As shown in the image above, MapStand Hub allows you to download a subset of data. Click on Download filtered dataset to download filtered data.

On clicking Export, the file is prepared and a notification is showed when file is ready


Export Ready

To download the file to your machine, click on the export data results icon. This opens the prepared export files.  


Export Results Icon

Save the files to your disk by clicking on the save icon on each item.