December 2021 Release

December 2021 Release - map themes

We are delighted to announce the introduction of map themes in the latest update to the MapStand Community Platform.

Default Map Theme: Renewable Energy Map / Oil and Gas Map

The first time you sign in to MapStand Community Platform, the following pop-up appears, giving you a choice of whether to display a Renewable Energy Map or an Oil and Gas Map.  


The one you select automatically becomes your default map theme, which will be displayed each time you sign-in.

On opening the Layers Panel, you will see the name of the map theme you selected in the previous step, at the top of the panel, with a yellow star on the right hand side of it (see below).  The Select Theme dropdown is used to display a pre-selected list of Renewables or Oil and Gas layers and change your default map theme.



Selecting the Renewable Energy Map displays a map with the following layers switched on:

  • Installed Power Connectors
  • Installed Power Cables
  • Installed Wind Turbines
  • Installed Renewable Generators
  • Installed Conventional Generators
  • Installed Windfarms
  • Installed Renewable Powerplants
  • Installed Conventional Powerplants
  • Wind Development Zones

Selecting the Oil and Gas Map displays a map with the following layers switched on:

  • Accumulations
  • Licences-Concessions
  • Licence Sub Areas
  • Blocks


To add any of the other layers listed in the Layers Panel to the map, simply switch on the layer you are interested in by clicking on the eye icon.  For more details on the functionality of the Layer Panel - please take a look at the Layers Panel Guide article


Changing your Default Map Theme

To change your default map theme, open the Layers Panel and simply select either Renewables or Oil and Gas from the Select Theme drop down menu.  Click on the star to set this selection as your default map.